StellarPunk on objkt ID=31


This NFT is a gift from Andrew thanks mate.

One in the new range Stellar Punks a 2000 mint PFP companion collection for the comic book space adventure based on crypto and all things blockchain through an ever evolving storyline

Hello guys welkom to the introduction of StellarPunks. The PaintMaster Drew is the creator of the StellarPunks. You can find him on #Twatter @artbydixon

The story: Is simple he is for me one off the best NFT Artist on the #StellarChain

The one and only #stellarpunk NFTs Comic Books and more to come!. find us on #litemint $xlm and soon to be crosschain digital entertainment..

Where can you find the StellarPunks: on #LiteMint  and form you must own a xtz wallet i use Temple.