Chess TREAD - LowFinder pooling

Staking and pooling (rewards on stellar)

What can i say the TREAD page “” is very good start to do it. Juan my friend keeps it updating thanks for this…  look at TREAD and buy some Tread.

This info you can find on the Stellar page:

Liquidity on Stellar: SDEX and Liquidity Pools
Users can trade and convert assets on the Stellar network with the use of path payments through Stellar’s decentralized exchange and liquidity pools.

In this section, we will talk about the SDEX and liquidity pools. To learn about how these work together to execute transactions, see our Path Payments Encyclopedia Entry.

The Stellar network acts as a decentralized distributed exchange that allows users to trade and convert assets with the Manage Buy Offer and Manage Sell Offer operations. The Stellar ledger stores both the balances held by user accounts and orders that user accounts make to buy or sell assets.

Liquidity pools
Liquidity pools enable automated market making on the Stellar network. Liquidity refers to how easily and cost-effectively one asset can be converted to another.

Automated Market Makers (AMMs)
Instead of relying on the buy and sell orders of decentralized exchanges, AMMs keep assets in an ecosystem liquid 24/7 using liquidity pools.