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#The Mystery School (Fun, NFTs, Club) Info.

  • Fun & Games is designed to be a community of artist, collectors, developers, and Stellar enthusiasts. It is born of relationships, friendships, and a common goal- highlighting and promoting Stellar NFTs and the ecosystem in general. We operate a community wallet, a community Litemint account, and use the power of our members to open up possibilities not available to individual artists.

#Stellar Smiles (NonProfit) Powered by Stellar Smiles Token (SST) SDEX-Explorer

#DicINU (Fun) Token

  • it’s also the place for the TOML code. SDEX-explorere Dic Inu Token Stellar Networks Original Meme Token! DicInu is a D.ecentralized I.nternet C.urrency Dog, NFT, Meme Project Building Utility & Meme Tokenization fun on a Stellar Blockchain! DicInu Token is the main asset of the Stellar Wolfpack #XLM #StellarWolfpack


  • 🚀 Astro Shiba is adding a layer of fun to liquidity on Stellar and powering the new generation of fun projects on #XLM! 🌟 SDEX-explorere

#NUNA (NFTs, Staking) Token Nuna is a token for Art!

  • “Believe in art and culture to make changes” The encounter with art and culture coming from different areas of the world has always accompanied us, our works and artistic research. Art and culture are engines for the life, our desire is to connect souls through them.

#Apay (Utility, Liquid) Token (Authentic-Payment)

  • We Focus on business & private solutions. To help everyone get access to digital finance, and the benefits of having the control over your own finances. Authentic-Payment token ($APAY) is our leading token, $AXLM & $ACT “StellarDAO powered by $ACT” are part of our ecosystem.

#TREAD🌺Liberty Crypto Syndicate🌺Home of TREAD trading systems and Stellar Strategies.

  • Don’t Tread is the culmination of those who desire liberty,
    and wish to see real change in the world. TREAD is the currency of the Liberty community.
    Through peer to peer networking freedom, we can uphold individual rights,
    and form a more perfect union, market, and economic structure. Don’t comply? Don’t Tread. it’s also the place for the TOML code. SDEX-explorere

#Lumenswap (Utility) Token.

  • ♥♥♥♥ Is a decentralized exchange for the Stellar network that allows you to swap and trade assets on the network using a friendly, minimal interface. $LSP

#Aquarius AQUA (Utility) Token. Aquarius adds liquidity management layer to Stellar and powers new generation of DeFi projects.

#StellarSkull (Utility, Fun) Token.

#BeerToken (Utility, Fun) Token.

  • “The digital asset for BEER on the blockchain”. BEER Token is a Web3 project comprising of beer directory, eMagazine, and a blockchain currency, connecting beer lovers with their favorite brews, breweries and venues around the world. For the other tokens from beertoken look at it’s also the place for the TOML code. SDEX-explorere

#Gravity (Utility, Security) Info.

  • Gravity Website and you can find them on Telegram Pulling data together from different sources making them available in a tabulated form, easier to analyze, sort and filter.

#DogStar (Utility, Fun, Education)

  • Did you know that with stellar you can send money to anyone in the known universe, for fractions of a penny, instantly, and in any currency? DOGSTAR inherits the qualities of its father STELLAR, fast, cheap, ecofriendly and safe. Use dogstar to discover the stellar blockchain the perfect gift for your friends. here starts the fun.